If you are looking for a rock-solid gift for someone, then you’ve come to the right place! This is the online store for The Gem Museum; Singapore’s first and most comprehensive private gemstones and minerals museum. We bring beautiful pieces of nature; from Mine to Market for you here. Please feel free to browse our website, and chat with us via WhatsApp or Messenger.

Public lecture delivered by Tay Kunming, Founder of TGM on understanding and appreciating gemstones from around the world.


Rocks and minerals are nature’s work of beauty. They are full of mystery and intrigue in various cultures, and have been collected by humans since ancient times. Explore the wide variety of rocks and minerals that TGMS specially curates for you here


Gemstones are valuable because they are beautiful, rare and durable. Their value increases with time. A lot of effort and time go into bringing them from mines around the world to market. Our loose polished gemstones can be the perfect way to start your collection, or to make into a piece of jewellery later on


Jewellery and accessories accentuate a person’s appearance. Wearing them makes one feel good and look good. Here are some accessories that we handmade and also jewellery pieces that are value for money as gifts and souvenirs!